Today, UCC Networks reveals the new Cisco Webex Contact Center built to enhance the customer journey experience.

Customers can connect through various channels simplifying their customer experience through text, chat, social, email, or over the phone.

The next-generation platform gives agents the context, insights, and intelligence to deliver timely accurate response to improve customer experience and lifetime value.

  • 72% of customers are unhappy with the fragmented approach and demand better experiences
  • 70% of agents say the inability to track the history of customer interactions is a problem of contact centers
  • 93% of agents feel technology is essential for creating better agent experiences
  • 76% of agents want greater control, management, and integration of all business applications
  • 94% of agents consider it important to have all the communications and collaboration functions integrated into a single offering

With Webex Contact Center, UCC Networks provides an all-in-one communication platform for the customer journey experience, including calling, meetings, and messaging.

About UCC Networks

UCC Networks is a leading provider of unified communications and contact center solutions,  tailored for business, financial, government, healthcare, retail, and international industries. Cisco certifications allow UCC Networks to offer Webex meetings, Webex calling, and Webex devices, including Cisco phones and headsets. UCC Networks also offers multiple financial options, including leasing. Contact us for more information.

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