RFP Solutions

RFP Technology simplifies the buying experience for procurement and technology professionals. From sourcing new technologies to cost saving initiatives, RFP Technology guides the entire RFP process.

Request for Proposal

  • Announce a project to solicit competitive bids to meet your needs
  • Assess vendors and proposed solutions
  • RFP Techology creates customized requests for proposals, communicates with vendors, and compiles tailored solutions to give businesses clear options.

Request for Quotation

  • Compare prices to meet specific requirements
  • Quick selection process focused on cost
  • RFP Technology composes and oversee the process of reviewing vendor quotes to meet specific needs on price.

Request for Information

  • General questions to educate and inform
  • Intended to narrow down a list of candidates
  • RFP Technology generates a request to gather information and identify potential vendors.

Compare Solutions

What is it?
RFP – Request for Proposal

Formal and structured to get specific vendor information. Provides specific requirements and invites vendors to present solutions.

RFQ – Request for Quotation

Request for pricing and payment information.

RFI – Request for Information

Formal method of getting general information.


Provides a comparison of vendor proposals to evaluate and make a selection.

Structured to allow buyers to focus on price.

Designed to educate and inform.


Receive detailed vendor products and services.

Financially focused on price.

Help inform next steps to meet business needs.

Next Step

Winner is awarded or vendors continue onto next phase.

Winner is awarded and purchase is completed.

Vendor selections narrowed for formal RFQ or RFP.

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