The great debate: Microsoft Teams Direct Routing or Operator Connect. Both solutions accomplish the same task by enabling calling functionalities within the Microsoft Teams client.

We’ve compiled this comparison:

Global Reach:
  • Operator Connect: Teams calling with Operator Connect is limited to certified carriers and their PSTN global coverage.
  • Direct Routing: Teams calling with Direct Routing provides greater flexibility with hosted, certified SBCs, plus the ability to trunk from multiple International PSTN providers.
Hybrid Environment:
  • Operator Connect: Requires customers to have a multi-voice carrier environment to meet multiple PBX solutions.
  • Direct Routing: Supports multiple PBX solutions, call centers, and analog devices using the same voice network carrier.
  • Operator Connect: Managed via Microsoft admin portal and the voice carrier portal.
  • Direct Routing: Managed through carrier’s customer admin portal, including phone number management.
Financial Cost:
  • Operator Connect: Commercials are paid for either per minute metered rates or a fixed monthly cost. In most cases, international usage will be billed at a per minute metered rate
  • Direct Routing: Like Operator Connect, domestic or international carriers can choose to invoice on a per minute metered rate or a fixed monthly cost. Like Operator Connect, international calls are typically charged by the minute.

While there are many pros and cons between Operator Connect and Direct Routing, there are many things to consider, such as ease of implementation, application integrations, global coverage, etc.

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