As Unified Communications providers advance their service platforms for telephony, teams chat, and video conferencing, Artificial Intelligence benefits internal collaboration and the customer journey experience. AI can analyze data in real time, including historical data, and suggest or provide outbound response.

AI provides:
  • Voice Bots – Enhance customer satisfaction by providing real time analysis of customer demand without the need to speak with a live agent. Voice Bots improve quality, reduce wait time, and automate answering of standard questions with intelligent conversations.
  • SMS Bots – Unified Communications can now enhance automation through marketing, sales, and operation channels. Simplify appointment scheduling, reminders, customer conversation, sales promotions, and more.
  • Language Intelligence – Zoom’s latest language translation feature allows meetings to be translated between English and any of 10 available languages. Multi-language-automated captions remove global barriers with real-time communication.
  • Security – Implements eDiscovery, Supervision, and Data Leakage Detection, using deep learning and compliance AI to help automate potential regulatory and compliance risk detection. Securely capture, retain, retrieve, and review fully threaded messages — from both 1:1 and group channels, including files shared. Automatically detect confidential data, risky behavior, and compliance risks, pointing reviewers to exact content requiring further investigation.

  • AI for SPAM Calling – AI observes the patterns left by spammers in the network traffic and adapts in real time to block them without the need for human retraining or historical data. This gives customers a piece of mind preventing malicious calling to the network.

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UCC Networks is a leading provider of unified communications and contact center solutions,  tailored for business, financial, government, healthcare, retail, and international industries. Certified in multiple UCaaS and CCaaS partner programs, UCC Networks simplifies calling, messaging, meetings, and the customer journey experience. UCC Networks also offers multiple financial options, including leasing. Contact us for more information.

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